Watching IPTV is possible via the application KOMPLET TV - only for TV with OS Android/Google TV, or through the application SMART IPTV - available for all TV brands.

Application KOMPLET TV It also works on mobiles, tablets and TVs with OS Android / Google TV such as Sony, Philips, TCl, Panasonic, Sharp, Gogen, Blaupunct (need to have a 100MB free space on TV)

After installing and starting the application Komplet TV You will be prompted to enter the login and password you filled in while entering order.
Your subscription starts to be valid only after you fill in and pay the order, attach proof of payment and press the Send button.
After receiving the order we will check the document and then you will be informed of the activation with the date of expiration of your subscription.

Click here to download Komplet TV.

If you do not like our Komplet TV app or you do not have a TV with OS Android / Google TV can be used SMART IPTV

Application SMART IPTV its available on all TV brands and can be downloaded directly from the TV menu.
After starting, the TV generates the MAC address (see picture) to fill in the order.

The SMART IPTV app is free for 7 days, after which a one-time lifetime fee of €5.49 is required. (You do not pay the fee to us, but directly on the page, either by card or PayPal.)

If you own an older TV that does not have a smart feature do not despair it is possible to buy an Android TV box and connect it to the TV via HDMI. 
You can install our Komplet TV application or Smart IPTV on this device. Such a box can be purchased anywhere price is from 30 €.
We recommend buying this Android box link on AliExpress by clicking here.